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outline issues that were of major concern to sugar plantation owners

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2014-05-22 15:04:14
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Q: What were the major concern in the sugar plantation owners in Caribbean economy and slavery?
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What was the focus of the southern economy?

Plantation and slavery.(:

What was the main concern about slavery for both the North and South in 1850?

How slavery would affect the economy

Why did Africans come to the Caribbean?

Africans came to the Caribbean because of slavery and the caribbean is a small island.

Why was the south so upset by Lincoln's election?

They were upset because he was against slavery which was the south's mean of economy. They relayed on slavery to work on the plantation.

What was plantation slavery?

Slavery is a pease of poo! And so is the plantation NOOBS

Why was plantation slavery under attack?

was plantation slavery under attack

How did slavery impact the West Indies?

Slavery made the plantation owners rich. Africans were a great source of cheap labor. However they were treated horribly.

Why were slaves necessary in southern economy?

Forced labor was essential to the success of the the South because its plantation economy could not have survived without it. From tobacco, to rice cultivation, and finally with the rise of 'King Cotton', the more the plantation agriculture expanded, the more the South's economy became dependent on slavery. Slavery was basically indispensable to the South.

Why did the states sounth of Pennsylvania cling to the institution of slavery?

The plantation system of the south had been built on slavery, in many Southerners feared that their economy couldn't survive without it.

What was lincolns biggest concern when he thought about freeing the slaves?

About how the South would react to it since their economy depended on slavery.

Who wanted slavery in the US?

During the 1800s, large plantation owners in the South wanted slavery. They used slave labor to do the work that drove the economy, so they felt that without slavery, they would not be able to remain rich and prosperous.

What role did slavery play in the early development of the colonial economy?

they were slaves for plantation and they were encharged of the growth of rice indigo, sugar cane cotton and tabacco

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