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they were slaves for plantation and they were encharged of the growth of rice indigo, sugar cane cotton and tabacco

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Q: What role did slavery play in the early development of the colonial economy?
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In Colonial America the spread of what industry is most often associated with the early development of slavery?


Did New Jersey have slaves or were they free?

Slavery was an accepted practice in early Colonial history.

Was slavery legall in colonial New Jersey?

Slavery was legal in colonial New Jersey. It actually had obtained legal sanctions through various legislations. Slavery started being abolished in the early 1800s in New Jersey.

The spread of which industry is most often associated with the early development of slavery?


Pilgrim document that had development of democratic institutions in the early colonial period?

The Mayflower Compact

What was the goal of the Spaniards in the early colonial economy of Mexico?

To mine as much gold and silver as possible to enrich the coffers of the Spanish Empire.

Which was an economic development in Caribbean countries during early European colonial rule?

Scarcity of labor led to the importation of African slaves.

What are examples of migration and immagration in early America land religion money pioneer spirit indetured servitude displacement and slavery?

they left for FASHION ECONOMY

What was the role of African-American slavery in the early colonial settlements?

African American slavery role wasa to help with financial wealth for the white owners because blacks were sold in many numbers and they were cheap. Without this workforce, therewould have been a limit for success for early settlements and therefore, less need for land.

In the early days of colonial North America which region was considered to have the poorest economy?

New England was considered to have the poorest economy is the earlier times of North America.

What were the economics like in Rhode Island?

Colonial Rhode Island's economy was based on farming, forestry and fishing but it developed a major shipbuilding center and was an early leader in the textile industry.

Is property development on the upswing or the downswing?

Property development is currently on the downswing due to the economic recession that the country in currently experiencing. However, once the economy beings to recovery, an upswing is expected as an early sign of recovery.