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Slavery made the plantation owners rich. Africans were a great source of cheap labor. However they were treated horribly.

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Q: How did slavery impact the West Indies?
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Did slavery have a greater impact on the West Indies or on West Africa?

Study shows that there was an impact on both the West Indies and on West Africa. The impact on West Africa for the most part was just negative, while the West Indies received alot of positive impacts due to the factor : Slavery. West Africa suffered a population decrease, while due to slavery the West Indies' population was increasing. Since the Europeans were trading with the Africans, the Africans were getting guns and other weapons which caused them to lower their values because they were killing up their own people in tribal wars, while the Europeans were trading the African for slaves that they used as laborers on their plantations to make themselves wealthier. In conclusion, I have found out that slavery has had an impact on both West Africa and the West Indies. However, the impact in the Americas or West Indies was positive, while the impact was negative for the Africans of West Africa.

Did slavery have a greater impact on the West Indies than on West Africa if yes how?

How the hell am i suppose to know.

Did slavery had a greater impact on the west indies than on west africa?

yes because Lauren made it happen

Did slavery had a greater impact on the west indies than west Africa?

yes because Lauren made it happen

When sugar plantations in the west indies need labor is when?

The sugar plantation needed labor in abolition of slavery. This is in West Indies.

What was the major factor that leads to mass movement of West Africans to the West Indies?


How had slavery been eliminated in the British West Indies?

What were the economic reason the framers avoided the slvaery question

How did plantation owners in the west indies get workers for their farms?

they used slavery

In a brain teaser what is dddwestddd?

West Indies

When did slavery for blacks start in the Spanish West Indies?

closest to africa. the sugar cane trade.

When did slavery for blacks start in the British West Indies?

It started when there was't any color that is why .

Why were the amelioraton proposals of 1823 introduced to the british West Indies?

The West India interest wanted slavery to be prolonged. When they became aware of the abolitionists' intentions to finally terminnate slavery, they drafted the amelioration bill. They did so to undermine the efforts of the abolitionists, forestall their anti-slavery movement and prolong slavery. They also drafted the bill because since the slave trade had come to an end, they were doing all they can to preserve slavery and to prevent revolts from happening in the British West Indies