What weed does to the heart?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Nothing ... ? Weed doesn't damage any parts of the body. It is often associated with Tobacco (cigarettes) smoking and therefore are deemed "harmful to the lungs". However, weed doesn't damage the lungs and if it does, extremely minimal damage is caused. WEED DOESNT KILL, IT HEALS AND ONLY HEALS.

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Q: What weed does to the heart?
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Will weed do anything to your heart?

yes it heart you when you don't leave they alone!

Does weed cause heart failure?


Can smoking weed affect an heart murmor?

Yes, it affects the entire system and your heart.

Should you stop smoking weed if you have a heart aneurysm?

Weed will always hurt your brain one way or the other.

Can a 14 year old boy who smokes weed and partys get a heart attack?

only if he has a heart condition or used some stuff soaked in poison, otherwise no; weed does make your heart beat deeply although this only doubles your risk of heart attack if your over 65.

Is it normal after smoking weed for your heart to sting?

no. but it is normal for your heart rate to go up. if your heart stings hours after smoking the marijuana, than its probably not the marijuana doing it. it may be laced, but very unlikely. maybe it wasnt the marijuana, and its something else? dont smoke weed if your getting bad chest pains and you think the weed is causing it.

Does pep-spice put a hole in your heart?

fake weed does not put a hole in your heart but stick to the botanical incences

What is a Georgia weed with small heart-shaped clover-like leaves?


Why does your heart beat fast when you smoke weed?

I don't know exactly why, however weed can increase your heart rate by as much as 50bpm. Usually a safe estimate is 50% of your normal resting heart rate. It all depends on how much THC you intake in a given period of time.

Is it bad to smoke weed after taking Tylenol?

No. Tylenol has nothing to do with THC. Something bad would be taking a prescribed medicine for heart problems then smoking weed.

Should you try weed?

No. In most countries, weed, or marajuana, is illegal, and is considered a drug. it is damaging you your lungs, and can have serious effects on your brain and heart in large doses.

Is it bad to smoke weed once?

tecnially no its slows down heart rate but gives u asensation