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It is nicotine.

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Q: What the substance that produces the flavor of cigarettes is it tar or is it nicotine?
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Do electric cigarettes contain nicotine?

Yes. The little cartridge inside of it contains Nicotine and Flavor (Brand)

Are cigarettes gluten free?

Cigarettes are not gluten free. A gluten substance is added to cigarettes for flavor.

Name 5 ingredients that can be found in cigarettes?

Formaldehyde, ammonia (boosts the effects of nicotine), sugar (flavor enhancer), chocolate (flavor enhancer), and menthol (only in mentholated brands).

Is the electric cigarette better for you than regular cigarettes and Does it help you quit?

It is completely healthy for you. You still get the nicotine and the flavor, but there is no tobacco,tar,carcinogens or any of that crap.

Do clove cigarettes have nicotine?

Yes. Clove cigarettes are made with tobacco, like normal cigarettes, often mixed with minced clove buds. The tobacco blend is then treated with a proprietary compound (which includes clove oil) to give them their distinctive taste. In many brands, after the cigarette is rolled, the paper is treated with a compound that may include saccharine to give the paper it's distinctive sweet flavor. (Just the end of the filter in Djarum Blacks & some others, while in other kretek's, the entire cigarette is treated.) They have tar, nicotine, and other harmful elements just like any other cigarette. Tests indicate that the levels of tar and nicotine is comparable to that found in a 'normal' full flavor cigarette made in the US.

Are ultra light cigarettes better for you than light cigarettes?

No; a light or ultra light cigarette is not any safer than a regular cigarette. Studies have found that smokers will compensate for the type of cigarette (i.e., inhaling longer on a light or ultra light cigarette) ultimately receiving the same amount of nicotine.

Are non nicotine vape pens good for you I mean can any good come from it other than the good taste of it?

There are not health benefits from vapor pens or e-cigarettes. The vapor pen provides flavor and nicotine and is a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

What is the flavor in cigarettes?

cigarettes tastes like dust but little bitter

Are additive free cigarettes really additive free?

They probably are. "Additives" - and there are dozens used in conventional cigarettes - improve flavor, "silkiness" of the smoke, smoothness, and other subtle little aspects of smoking. Additive-free cigarettes have none of those things. But they still have nicotine. And nicotine is the addictive elements in any tobacco. Advertising cigarettes as "additive free" is a cynical way of getting people who are trying to quit, to clutch at a straw. They are 100% as addictive as any cigarette, and they are not going to help you to quit. But they are"additive free".

Why is acetone used in cigarettes?

Because it makes cigarettes more addictive

What techniques were used to lower tar and nicotine content of modern cigarettes?

Tiny holes are poked into the filter to draw in more air when the cigarette is smoked. New research has indicated that "light" and "ultra light" cigarettes are no more safe than "full flavor" cigarettes, since smokers will block the ventilation holes and/or take in deeper drags when they smoke.

How bad is Hookah?

smoke of the Shisha has 0% tar as there's no paper and the flavor does not burn; it's baked. In fact, the amount of nicotine in one cigarette that consumer inhales is 5 % however tobacco in Shisha contains 0.5% nicotine in one whole KG of natural flavored tub. It also doesn't have the addictive chemicals like cigarettes do. Few people are terribly mistaken about the fact that one session of Shisha is equal to smoking few hundred cigarettes but if one round of Shisha was really equal to 100+ cigarettes, you would know it by the trip to the hospital for a near lethal dose of nicotine. (A person consumes about 0.1 mg per cigarette so a lethal dose for 100+ cigarettes would be 10 mg+ of nicotine).