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Q: What is the nicotine content of Camel Crush Cigarettes?
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What is the nicotine content of camel bold crush cigarettes?

Camel Crush Bold is Camel Red before you crush the ball in the filter therefore the nicotine content is 0.9mg/cigarette

Are camel menthol better than camel crush cigarettes?

hell yes

Did camel crush ciggerettes get recalled?

I'm the manager of a tobacco store. So far as I know, there are no plans to recall the Camel Crush cigarettes. Of course, things can always change, so I will update this if I hear anything different.

How much THC does camel crush have in it?

camel crush does not contain any thc it is a ciggarette and it would be illegal for camel to sell then if it did.

What color is the camel crush box?

it's black and the camel logo on it is blue

What is the cost of a carton of camel crush in de?

purple cause aliens don't wear hats

Philip Morris US when did Philip Morris package cigarettes in metal pack with sliding lid?

During WWII, so soldiers won't crush their cigarettes in combat.

What are Flip-Top Boxes?

The term Flip-Top Box was used in advertising for cigarettes. It referred to the box that some brands of cigarettes came in with a lid that flipped back. They supposedly kept the tobcco safer because the box was 'crush proof' and it sealed the cigarettes away from the air unlike an opened softpack.

Are menthol cigarettes worse than normal cigarettes?

It's not that menthol cigarettes are more dangerous, it's just that for some reason they appear to be harder to give up than regular cigarettes. because of the "cool" that comes from smoking menthols, menthol smokers may inhale deeper, thus increasing negative side affects more quickly and rapidly than non-mentholated cigarettes.

When you finish your fags should you crush the box?

"Fag" in this context is a Britishism for cigarettes. It probably doesn't matter whether you crush the box, as long as you dispose of it in the trash. Better yet would be to stop smoking entirely, but you probably already knew that.

If ice is put in a cooler in order to cool the content to speed up the cooling process what can be done to the ice?

crush it

What is engineering significance of sand silt content?

Actually it changes ratio of cement to the other contents of concrete (Sand and crush). However an optimum percentage of cement sand and crush is decided by trial casting of concrete