What problems can be caused by poor diet?

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The main problems include obesity, Diabetes, skin and hair problems, cardiac issues, gall stones, cancer, etc.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: What problems can be caused by poor diet?
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What is a noncommunicable disease that is caused by poor diet and diet and results in poor growth?

Fatness and laziness.

Why do people have vision problems?

Poor diet.

What is a disorder that is caused by poor diet?

Anorexia or malnutrition

Is there any sicknesses caused by poor diet?

Gout and scurvy

What health problems does poor nutrition cause in animals?

Some are:Bent or curved limbs - This is caused by insufficient calcium in the diet which makes their bones weakPoor eye sight - This can be caused by insufficient Vitamin A in the diet.Skin problems - Skin problems are usually caused by Vitamin E deficiencyHeart problems - This is particular to cats that are fed a taurine deficient dietOverall, poor nutrition causes animals to have stunted growth, poor energy, weak immune systems and a decreased survival rate. Exceptionally poor nutrition eventually leads to death.

Can Heart problems be caused by an unbalanced diet?

yeah your heart can be effected by an unbalanced diet?

What are the problems caused by poor nutrition?

Obesity, malnutrition/deficiencies

What problems are associated with a poor diet?

diabetes and asthma are 2 common health related issues link to poor diet because of excessive weight gain

What is areriosclerosis?

hardened fatty arteries caused by diet and poor lifestyle eg smoking

How do you get anemic?

If it's not genetic, it's usually caused by poor diet with insufficient iron.

What causes bad odor in the vagina?

Bacterial or yeast infection caused by sex or poor diet.

What is the biggest cause of hole in babies teeth?

It can be caused by laying your baby down with a bottle at night or poor diet (too many sweets, for example). Poor dental hygiene such as not brushing their teeth daily can also cause problems. Seek professional advice from a dentist.

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