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It depends on how you define sex.

If sex is defined as any genital contact for pleasure with another man the answer is somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of all adult men.

This of course down't mean that these men are gay. In fact, something like 70% of men who self identify as gay have had sex with a woman at least once.

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Q: What percentage of men have had gay sex?
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Do only gay men support same-sex marriage?

No. In many places the majority of the public support the legalization of same-sex marriage, whereas the percentage of of the population that are gay men is very low, perhaps 5% to 10%.

Why do most men like gay sex?

They don't. Less than 8% of men like gay sex.

Is gay sex healthy for straight men?

If your a straight man why would you have gay sex?

Why do gay men need stronger sex?

gay men do not need stronger sex. Healthy sexual activity is a need for most people, gay or straight.

What percentage of gay men are married to women?

The vast majority of gay men married to women are closeted, so the percentage is unknown.

Are most gay men white?

No, the percentage of gay men is exactly the same in all races.

How can be decide who is gay and who is stright when two men having sex.?

When two men are having sex together , it's a fair bet that both are gay.

Is it gay for a man to shave his privates?

No. It is only gay for him to have sex with other men.

Is it gay to experiment with gay men?

If you like having sex with gay men, then yes, you are gay (or bi.) If you don't like it, then no, you are just experimenting, that's all.

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but they have sex with men and have familys with a wife

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