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If your a straight man why would you have gay sex?

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Q: Is gay sex healthy for straight men?
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Why do gay men need stronger sex?

gay men do not need stronger sex. Healthy sexual activity is a need for most people, gay or straight.

What is the difference between gay and straight?

gay's and lesbian's like the same sex, (man with a man, women with a women). straight like the oppisite sex, (men with a women)

Are straight men with high libido more likely to engage in gay sex than straight men with low libido?

No, they are not.

What does it mean if your straight I was online and somebody said something about being gay or straight?

If someone is straight, that means they are sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Men with Women, or Women with Men. If someone is gay, that means the individual is sexually attracted to the same sex. Men with other Men, or Women with other Women.

What does it mean when a straight man feels a little uncomfortable with a gay friend who has not made any advances?

Answer I'm a straight man and I want nothing to do with gay men. If I wanted to be around gay men, then perhaps I shouldn't be hanging around with women. Women on the other hand don't seem to have a problem with gay men as they know they can go out with these men and not get hit on for sex as a gay man will rarely ever touch a straight woman. Straight men feel threatened by gay men.

As men get older do they think of gay sex more?

The answer should be no. Gay men think of gay sex, straight men think of straight sex as they get older. However, for various reasons through the years, gay men have married women when they were younger. Sometimes they didn't know they were gay. Sometimes they knew but hoped that by marrying, it would go away. Sometimes they knew but felt forced to marry by society, by their families, by expectations. As they get older, these gay men in straight marriages find that they get tired of living a lie. They don't always tell their wives about this, unfortunately, but start thinking about gay sex more. Sometimes they go out and have gay sex. And because they've never had to worry about condoms in their marriage, they may not bother with them in the new gay world. And some get diseases (including HIV) and bring them home to the wife. So if you are thinking more of gay sex as you are getting older, think about being honest with your wife, and ALWAYS use a condom.

What age do you have to be to have gay sex?

It depends on where you live. In most places where gay sex is allowed, the same rules apply to gay sex as straight sex.

What has the author Dan Anderson written?

Dan Anderson has written: 'Sex tips for straight women from a gay man' -- subject(s): Sexual behavior, Gay men, Sex instruction for women, Miscellanea, Men, OverDrive, Family & Relationships, Nonfiction

Why do most men like gay sex?

They don't. Less than 8% of men like gay sex.

How do you be heterosexual from a gay?

This is actually a hard task. Usually if a gay man is wanting to become straight, it's not going to happen. If it does, you would never be straight. You have already either been in a gay relationship, had gay sex, or even done some bad things with other men. When coming out of homosexuality, there is only one thing that you can be. You can be Bi-Sexual. That is your best bet. It just doesn't happen to be gay then go straight. It's always easier to be straight then gay, because you're born straight and then start to like the same sex.

What is the most common form of sex straight or lesbian or gay?

Most people are straight but then it is lesbian, then gay

Is it possible to be gay your entire life and find out your straight Just personal experiences.?

no it is not possible. you decide what your interests are in men if your gay or women if your straight (example for sex: male)however in some cases there are men who have overcome a phase in their lives where they are homosexual, it actually depends on the person.