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If you like having sex with gay men, then yes, you are gay (or bi.)

If you don't like it, then no, you are just experimenting, that's all.

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Q: Is it gay to experiment with gay men?
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Is it gay to experiment with friends?

No. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to men, but not women.

What is a drawback to a field experiment?

He was not able to prove the stability of an atom in his gold foil experiment. and he is gay and lesbian type men and randi ka.

I want to be gay because it seems fun how to you become attracted to men?

One does not "become" gay. Your are born with your sexuality. You can experiment with the same sex, however, this will not make you gay.

Are all men secretly gay?

No all men are not gay, but they are sexual and under the right conditions they may have a gay sexual relationship. That doesn't mean they are then gay. Young men often experiment, men in prison may find sexual outlets with other men. Being "gay" would indicate a man having sexual attractions to only men. It is more correct to ask if all men are bisexual to one degree or another.

How can you have a gay experiment?

you can have a gay experiment by having sex with someone the same sex as you and if you like them ask if they are gay.

How do gay men become men?

Gay men are already men. They don't become men.

Can gay become to men?

Gay men are already men.

How do straight men experiment?

well, young men often experiment throughout highschool and college. they do this kissing and/or touching a person of the same gender. now, it is not neccessarily gay to do so unless you find sexually arousing to paticipate in these sexual activities with the male species.

Is there any difference why women are gay and men being gay?

When women are gay, they are interested in other women. When men are gay, they are intersted in other men

Why do gay men chase women?

Gay men usually chase other men.

Why do men hate being called gay?

Only straight men hate being called gay. Most gay men prefer the term "gay."

Is it gay to want to experiment with a guy?

No, it is not gay to want this. most guys think about it at some point or another. depending on how much you want it does show how gay you are but about 94% of all men think about experimenting with another guy but about 60% of them actually act on it. so no if you were to eperiment with another guy that would not be gay.