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Gay men are already men. They don't become men.

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gay men are already men.

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Gay men are already men. I think you're confusing gay with trangender.

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Q: How do gay men become men?
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Related questions

Can gay become to men?

Gay men are already men.

Can straight men become gay?

No. gay men cannot become straight, just as straight men cannot become gay. Gay men can choose to be celibate. They can even convince themselves that they aren't gay and get married, but they are still gay.

How gay can become a man?

gay men are already men.

Do men become gay or women?

Nobody can "become: gay. Sexual orientation is not changeable. It works the same for both men and women.

Real facts on why men become gay?

Here is the only real fact: men cannot become gay. They are born that way.

Why do gay men become eunuchs?

Gay men do not become eunuchs. Eunuchs were an element of some societies in Africa, Asia, and India, but those that chose to become Eunuchs may have been gay or straight.

Can gay people become pregnant?

Yes, but only gay women. Gay men cannot.

Does father have to do with men becoming gay?

Men cannot become gay. Sexual orientation is not changeable. Also, whether or not someone is gay has nothing to do with how their father raised them.

Why do straight men become gay?

No straight person becomes gay. Ever. You are either born gay or you aren't.

I want to be gay because it seems fun how to you become attracted to men?

One does not "become" gay. Your are born with your sexuality. You can experiment with the same sex, however, this will not make you gay.

Can a gay man become a father?

Yes, a gay man can become a father. gay men usually opt for adoption, but they can also use surrogates to father biological children.

How do you seduce straight men become gay?

You can't. Sexuality is not something that is changeable. A gay person might be able to seduce a straight person, but that doesn't mean the straight person has become gay.

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