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30 percent

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โˆ™ 2011-07-25 18:18:48
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Q: What is the percentage of guys that cheat on women?
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What is the percentage of women and men in the US that cheat?


Do men cheat more than women?

ANSWER:Yes they do, 65% are the percentage of men who cheat, and only 45% of women.

What is the percentage of women that cheat who actually admit to it?

I don't admit to it.

Is it true that there are more men available than women in the US?

sorry, but guys cheat more than women do that's how we got good at cheat spoting!

Why do guys cheat with married women?

Cheaters will cheat with whomever will give them a response. So, if you cheat with them, they will do so. If someone does not respect their marital vows, I would not waste time with them. Women who lie to their husbands-will lie to others.

Why do good guys cheat?

if they cheat, then they're not good guys

How do married guys get some action from other women?

Some women like married men. Although personally I think its horrible to cheat on your spouse.

Do more American women cheat and not get caught or confess the truth voluntarily than American men who do not get caught or confess the truth voluntarily?

there are guys out there who manipulate women into having sex with them just to get laid. very rarely does a wife go out and purposly cheat for sex, thats like maybe 1% of women, and thats probably because you treated her like crap. but most guys dont care to much, a hole is a hole. so i would say more guys cheat then girls.

Do women cheat more than man?

I don't think women cheat more than men I just think they cheat better than men. A man usually gets caught but I know plenty of women who never got caught and it went on for years. The guys were clueless. The women kept feeding their egos and everything else was regular.

Do girls cheat more often than guys?

yes girls cheat more than guys!!!

How likely is it for guys to cheat on girls?

It depends on the guy. There are guys who cheat and then there are also girl who cheat too. This is based upon the type of person they are.

What percentage of women cheat on their husbands with an ex?

Women are a lot more secretive than men when it comes to affairs, so the true percentage would never be known, but it is very common for women to find love with an ex, as they can justify it easier.

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