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I don't admit to it.

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Q: What is the percentage of women that cheat who actually admit to it?
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What is the percentage of women and men in the US that cheat?


What is the percentage of guys that cheat on women?

30 percent

Do men cheat more than women?

ANSWER:Yes they do, 65% are the percentage of men who cheat, and only 45% of women.

Can women be manipulative?

Yes, women are capable of being manipulative. It's not all women, but there are those who are, and would actually admit to manipulating others.

Does the athenaeum club admit women?

As of 2002, the members have elected to admit women.

Can women join the French foreign legion?

Actually after some research it seems that the French foreign legion decided to admit women into its ranks as of 2000. There is a BBC news article dated in October 2000 that states that the French defense Minister Alain Richard has to decided to admit women into the legions ranks in hopes of increasing theirs percentage up to 20% within the next twenty years

What is the Percentage of the world that considers women inferior?

100% know it, 25% admit it. --------------- most women kid themselves that they are not inferior. that takes off about 30%. Some men are unable to admit it. that takes off 10%. The remaining 60% are realists.

What percentage of women cheat on their husbands with an ex?

Women are a lot more secretive than men when it comes to affairs, so the true percentage would never be known, but it is very common for women to find love with an ex, as they can justify it easier.

How often do women cheat?

It is impossible to answer such a question as anyone in general that "cheats" do not generally admit to it which in turn would not allow correct statistical information or even a close guess.

What percentage of married women cheat?

Over 60% if the right guy comes along and the women is unhappy. Women do not always use logic, but often go on emotions.

Can women cheat?

Yes. Women can cheat just like men can.

Why do women sometimes cheat?

Women do not always cheat. Men cheat more than women it is a true fact look it up!!!!

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