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Deutsche Werke PistolsDeutsche Werke Aktiengesellschaft is the company that produced the pistol in Erfurt Germany in the 1920s. The pistol is commonly called an "Ortgies" vest pocket pistol after its original designer. These pistols were offered in .25ACP (6.35mm), .32ACP (7.65mm), and some in .380 (9mm Kurtz). They are not very valuable or rare. Judging only from a photo published in the American Rifleman these pistols may be the same as ERMA pistols, incorporated in Germany in 1949 and beginning imports to the 1960. Mine has 'Germany'stamped under the deutsche markings, and may have been imported in the 1930's.

You can check or to get an idea on current asking prices. The models in 380 bring the most as most were made in 25 or 32. Asking prices & selling prices may be very different.

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2012-01-20 20:05:29
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According to gun history expert Ian McCullum, this was only produced from 1919 to 1923, and production was split by a corporate acquisition.
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don't know.

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Q: What is the history and value of Deutsche Werke Aktiengesellschaft A-Werk Erfurt pistols?
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