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25-75 USD

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Q: What is the value of a Deutsche Werke Werk Erfurt 6.35 Semi?
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Deutsche werke shotguns 9mm single shot?

That little shotgun was made by Deutsche Werke, a German company that had operations in Kiel, Berlin, and Erfurt. The Erfurt plant made the shotgun and a youth 22 rifle with the same loading and firing mechanism. They were more famous for making the Ortgies pocket pistol, a semi-automatic in various calibers. These arms were made from 1919 until some time in the 1930s. The pistols can be found regularly on the online auctions, and the 22 rifles less often. The shotguns are even rarer, but not of great value. I saw two offered online in the past couple of years, and the price was around $250 - $450.

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