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Luxury cars are built for comfort and convenience, while sport cars are built for speed and performance.

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Q: What is the difference between luxury and sports cars?
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Difference between SUV cars and ordinary cars?

An SUV is a sports car(Sports Utility Vehicle)

What are some nice sports or luxury sports cars for around 50-60k?

Jaguar XK

What Luxury cars start with the letter k?

The Koenigsegg Agera is a luxury car. It is a sports car manufactured in Sweden.

What kind of vehicles are manufactured by the company Jaguar Cars?

The kinds of vehicles that are manufactured by the company Jaguar cars are numerous. They produce luxury sedans, sports cars, sports utility vehicles.

What tpyes of car are there?

Basically, there are sports cars, sedans, pickup trucks, semis, farm trucks, SUVs, luxury cars, and minivans.

What is a Luxury cars?

A luxury car is a vehicle priced considerably above the average for a given market. In the US cars with startingMSRPs between $30,000 and ca. $38,000 are commonly considered entry-level luxury cars while cars with startingMSRPs of $40,000 or more are considered luxury cars.

What is a lambargine?

Lamborghini is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Although "Lamborghini" is the actual name of the company that produces these cars, the cars themselves are referred to as "Lamborghini's".

What car models are rear wheel drive?

pick up trucks, ALL REAL sports cars, large luxury cars and cargo vans.

Names of 2008 Luxury Cars?

Names of 2008 Luxury Cars?

What kind of cars are on sale at Charleston car rentals?

There are a wide variety of different cars at Charleston Car Rental. This ranges from small compact cars to sports utility vehicles and cars of a luxury nature.

What kinds of cars are compatible with convertible tops?

Many kinds of cars are compatible with convertible tops but mainly they are sports cars, luxury cars and jeeps. Pretty much any cars can be converted into one with a convertible top.

Where can one find Cadillac sports cars in Houston?

One can find Cadillac sports cars in Houston from several companies such as Houston Luxury Car Rentals, Car Gurus, Auto Trader, and Ron Carter Cadillac. One can also find Cadillac sports cars from Yahoo! Autos.