Names of 2008 Luxury Cars

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Names of 2008 Luxury Cars?

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Q: Names of 2008 Luxury Cars
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Are Mercury luxury cars?

yes Mercury luxury are cars but not as fast as others

What is the Collective noun of luxury car?

The collective noun for luxury cars is the same as the collective noun for any type of car, a fleet of luxury cars.

Are there any car names that start with the letter W?

Used to be luxury cars made in England called "Wolseley"

What is a Luxury cars?

A luxury car is a vehicle priced considerably above the average for a given market. In the US cars with startingMSRPs between $30,000 and ca. $38,000 are commonly considered entry-level luxury cars while cars with startingMSRPs of $40,000 or more are considered luxury cars.

What is the difference between luxury and sports cars?

Luxury cars are built for comfort and convenience, while sport cars are built for speed and performance.

What is so great about Porsche?

The question is not one that lends itself to a simple answer, but Porsche is one of the most respected names in luxury cars.

What are the release dates for Moment of Luxury - 2008 The Latin Tradition of Handmade Luxury?

Moment of Luxury - 2008 The Latin Tradition of Handmade Luxury was released on: USA: 25 April 2008

What are some varieties of Mercedes luxury cars?

Mercedes combines luxury with sedans, SUVS, coupes, roadsters, and several other types of cars. They have hybrid cars, electric cars, and diesel cars.

What is the luxury brand of Toyota?

The luxury brand of cars owned by Toyota is Lexus

What is glx in cars?

GLX means grand luxury and LX is just Luxury

Are Cadillac Cars still considered a luxury car?

Yes, Cadillac cars are still considered luxury vehicles. While they are not extreme luxury such as Mercedes or BMW, it is still more luxury than say a dodge or chevy.

Would Ford Fiesta cars be considered as compact cars or luxury cars?

Ford Fiestas would be considered as compact cars. They have much better fuel consumption than most luxury cars and can save the owner a fair bit of money on gasoline every year over a luxury car.