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An SUV is a sports car(Sports Utility Vehicle)

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Q: Difference between SUV cars and ordinary cars?
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What is the difference in a compact SUV and a regular SUV?

There are many differences between a compact SUV and a regular SUV. The main difference that is most apparent to consumers is the difference in size and storage capabilities.

Difference between SUV and sedan?

About $10,000.

What is the difference between an SUV and a van?

There isn't one

What is definition of SUV CARS?

m k there is a SUV there vans or big cars

How much is a Bentley SUV?

Bentleys, being luxery cars are between $150,000 and $400,000

What is the difference between a SUV and a car?

The size the look and the amount of seats

Do people buy cars or SUV more?

People buy cars more than SUV's. Specificly small Nissan cars.

What is the difference between 2011 and 2012 SUVs?

The only difference between the two is that 2 exterior paint options are tweaked.And i also think the 2012 SUV is better.So i suggest to buy 2012 SUV.

Do cars flip more than SUV?

no actually suv's are easier to flip than cars and trucks

What is the difference between midsize and a full size suv?

A midsize SUv is generally smaller in ebvrything than a standard SUV. A standard SUV is better for towing than the smaller ones. Handling and drivebility is more like limo with a midsize SUV.

Which vehicle company produces the best SUV cars?

The best company that produces SUV cars depends on the factor one is looking for. If it is reliability at a good price, Toyota and Honda SUV cars are known to be a good purchase.

Why some cars called SUV?

Probably because that is what they are, a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).