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Just about everything, except for the pointed ears bit.

Elves are usually perceived as looking near-human, except for pointed ears, pale skin, and usually fine, elegant features. Basically, the ideal human. Stereotypical Elves are one with nature and magic, yet refined and educated. There are also many sorts of elves, as any hardcore magic or DnD fan will tell you. In fact, elves have garnered all sorts of fans, thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien and his works.

Goblins, on the other hand, are nowhere near as pretty. Yes, they have the pointy ears, but they usually have weird skin colors (green is the most common), and faces that not even their mothers could love, much less fantasy geeks. Goblins usually stick to brute force instead of magic, though like elves, they are more aligned with nature than they are with technology. Why? Because seeing a shrively, green-skinned monster driving a moped is something no one wants to imagine.

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Q: What is the difference between goblins and elves?
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The Hobbit How does the author portray the goblins to be different from the elves?

When The Hobbit was written, I don't think that Tolkien had imagined that the Orcs/Goblins were derived from the Elves. In many ways the Goblins of the Misty Mountains were somewhat to the Silvan Elves of the Woodland Realm: - They both lived underground - They both were suspicious of outsiders (especially dwarves) How they differed: - Goblins preferred the dark places and shunned daylight, Elves lived underground to avoid detection - The Elves were beautiful, the goblins ugly - The Elves only greed was for wine and song, while the Goblins were just plain greedy This is just on the surface too. Later we are told that the Goblins/Orcs are actually Elves that were twisted and corrupted by Morgoth, Sauron's master.

What is the difference between pixies and eleves?

The difference between pixies and elves is that pixies are mischievous. Elves are thought to be wise and beautiful.

In The Elves of Cintra is Culph the demon?

No, Culph is a goblin, not a demon, in The Elves of Cintra. He is part of the Scarecrow family of goblins who befriends and helps the main characters in their journey.

What are the all of the different races in The Hobbit?

There are the hobbits, men, dwarves and elves. There are also goblins, trolls and giants.

What allies join the elves In The Hobbit?

The Battle of Five Armies have the elves, dwarves and men on one side. The other side is the goblins and wargs. The eagles and Beorn also participate.

How many toes do elves have?

Elves have 9 toes im almost positive my mom used to tell us it was the only difference between elves and dwarfs EDIT: google it- its 8

How are the Wood-elves different from the elves in 'The Hobbit'?

Wood-elves are exactly the elses in The Hobbit. They are Thranduil's race, living in the North, west of the town called Dale during the Middle Earth. They use smaller bows, are lesser in stature than the folk of Lothlorien or Elrond's people, and quite detached from High Elves and the evles of the Gray Havens and Cirdan the Shipwright. Wood Elves are the ones that captured Bilbo's party until Bildo engineered their escape.

Are goblins real in The Hobbit?

Yes they are. They are a species created by the dark lord Melkor (aka Morgoth) either a failed attempt to create beings like the elves, or, bred from elves mutilated by magic.

How many races are there on lord of the rings battle for Middle-earth 2?

Elves Dwarves Men Goblins Isengard Mordor

What was the name of the last battle called in The Hobbit?

It was the Battle of Five Armies. The armies were the humans, elves and dwarves against the wargs and the goblins.

Are orcs different from goblins?

This may depend on what source you consult. Popularly, there is no difference; J.R.R. Tolkien, a student of popular and ancient mythology and writer of the"The Lord of the Rings", used the terms interchangeably. All agree that goblins are a mutation or fallen form of the elvish race. Some cite one difference, that being that orcs are sadistic full-bodied warriors whereas goblins are usually small, twisted mischief makers. This distinction is usually made by those who read classic European fairy tales where elves and goblins are often portrayed as small humanlike creatures that interact with humans usually only on a magical level.

What is similar to elves and goblins?

Well you probaly have never heard of it but the tokeloshe is. It is a spirit like creature from africa. It like trying to catch the wind ..... impossible