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Curriculum meaning is the group of subjects studied in school college etc.,

Design meaning is to make or draw plans for something, for ex clothes or buildings

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Q: What is the difference between curriculum development and design?
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What is the difference between different models of curriculum design?

The different between models of curriculum designs are the focus on the content of the curriculum. It is the centered design in most textbooks.

What is the difference between design and technique.?

The difference between design and technique is quite elaborate. Design is the development and documentation of an idea while technique is the strategy that is used to do something.

What is the difference between broad field curriculum and core curriculum?

Broad field saves time on school time table while core consume also broad field based on separate subjects while core curriculum design unified content also broad field cuttivate shallowness as compared to that of

What are the strategies in curriculum development?

There are six stages involved in the curriculum development process, which is cyclic in nature. They are design, develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and review.

How do the principles and theories of curriculum development expressed or spelled out in the curriculum of the class?

The principles and theories of curriculum development are used by educators and education planners to construct a curriculum appropriate to the students or the audience. When the curriculum have been drafted, it undergoes analysis in terms of what the students already know or should've known before the course. It is further evaluated according to its structure as well as the number of units accorded to it. When this is done, a course design or instructional design is developed based on the prescribed curriculum. The contents of the instructional design implemented to the students or the audience is how the principles and theories of curriculum development applied or spelled out in the classroom.

What is the difference between Tyler's model and Wheeler's model of curriculum design in education?

Wheeler's model of curriculum design contains five stages, while Tyler's contains four stages.

What is curriculum design?

curriculum design is a design which many approaches can be done...

What is the difference between rapid application development and joint application design?

Joint application development being together the users and the IT professionals for input on development. Rapid application development is designed to get development done as quickly as possible.

What is curriculum development with new innovations?

the design and development of integrated plans for learning, and the evaluation of plans, their implementation and the outcomes of the learning experience". It designs and reviews curriculum, promotes teaching and assessment strategies aligned with curriculum, formulates special curriculum programmes, creates clear, observable objectives, and generates useful assessment rubrics.Curriculum development can be described as a three-stage process encompassing planned, delivered and experienced curriculum

What are some similarities between Tyler's and Wheeler's curriculum design?

What are the similarities of Tyler and wheelers curriculum model

What are the approaches to curriculum design?

There are a few different types of approaches to child development curriculum. They include the behavioral approach, managerial approach, humanistic approach, and systems approach.

Difference between detailed design and system design?