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My Remington 81 ser#162xx was manufactured 07/1941

There should be a two letter code on the barrel. you can cross reference the two letter code to a production date on Remingtons website.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 18:28:02
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Q: What is the age of a Remington Woodsmaster Model 81 rifle with 14429 marked on the stock?
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What is the value of a Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster BDL Deluxe in excellent condition?


What is the Remington model 81 woodsmaster rifle in 300 savage caliber worth?


What is the year model of a Remington Woodsmaster Model 740 30-06?

Impossible to answer without the sn or date codes.

The cost of a Remington woodsmaster model 742 30-06 serial no 7013198?

$300 without a scope in 95% condition!!

When was the Remington woodsmaster model 742 serial 7072154 made?

Check the date code stamp on barrel (see related link) by serial only a call to Remington can give you that answer.

What is a Remington Model 81 Woodsmaster Rifle In good condition worth?

At store in Northwest Ct. I saw some ranging in price from $150-$250, depending on condition.

What is the production date on a Model 742 woodsmaster serial number 7109478?

Check barrel code on Remington Society of America:

What model is Remington 22 pump serial number 276959?

If it's not marked it's a model 12 made in 1914.

Where can i find the model number on a single shot 12 gage Remington shotgun patented in 1903?

Not marked, Model 9

Can you use 223 ammunition in a model SB712 rifle?

Only if it is marked ".223 Remington" on the barrel.

How old is your model 81 rem woodsmaster serial no 6909?

The Model 81's are all date code stamped, go to the Remington Society of America there is a diagram (click it) and a table which explains the codes (month/year)

What is the value of a 35 Remington automatic made in 1940?

Assuming it is the Model 81 Woodsmaster, excellent condition examples in .35 Rem are bringing more than $400.

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