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What year was the weapon manufactured? What is the barrel length?

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Q: What is the age and value of a colt saa 4 34 sn SA35188 K on left rear trigger guard H on right front of trigger guard walnut grips100 blued never been fired 45 cal?
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Can a blued trigger be original on a 1956 or 57 sweet sixteen?

I have seen a '57 model with a gold trigger, and the finish was wearing thru and it had a somewhat darkish, maybe blued look to it. So there is a possibility that the trigger's finish has worn off, and another possibility that the person went and either got the trigger blued, or they used a cold-blue substance on it to give it a finish to keep it from rusting/deteriorating.

What does the gold trigger on some Browning grade 2 BAR Relgium made rifles represent?

Simply that it was a grade II. Grade I guns had a blued trigger

What is the value of a 25 caliber Browning depose pistol serial 230818?

value of belgium browning 25 auto baby blued with walnut grips

What is the value of a Browning A bolt rifle in 375 HH medallion series blued with walnut stock 24 inch barrel?

Without a better description, 300-900

How much is a Remington 700 ultra mag worth?

depends on grade you have, Walnut stock? plastic? stainless? blued? Anywhere from $300 to $700 depending. If you have a Sendero model is worth more.

My father worked at Colt for 38 years his retirement gift was a 357 Python circa 1974 blued with a walnut crosshatched handle It has never had a bullet in it and it's in original box worth?


Your Winchester 69a has a chrome bolt but blued trigger Is this factory original?

The bolts are always polished and may look like they're chrome, but the give-away will be the bolt handle. The bolt handle should be blued. If the handle is chromed, the gun has been modified, they didn't come in chrome.

What is a marlin 925C?

It is an 8 shot .22 caliber rifle manufactured by marlin firearms company it has a blued barrel and a mossyoak camo stock hence the c in 925c, a plain 925 has a walnut stock

What is the value of a set of colt snake eyes?

Colt only made 500 of these highly collectible guns. Depending on the conditions, for a pair ( sts and blued ), and walnut display boxe, as of 2013, they are worth about 9500-12000.

What is the value of a Remington Model 700 in 300 Win Mag blued with checkered walnut stock DBL 24 barrel?

How old is it? How much of the finish is present? What condition is the stock in? Broad range 300-600

What is the value of a Reminton model 700 in 22250 bolt action blued with walnut stock and Bushnell scope?

How old is it? Barrel length? How much of the finish is present? What condition is the stock in? Broad range 200-500

What model is a rugger m77 rifle with serial number 78-27686 caliber 22-250?

It is a RUGER Model 77. That is what the M77 means. Typically the M77 is the "older" style with a tang safety, blued with walnut furniture.