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How old is it? How much of the finish is present? What condition is the stock in? Broad range 300-600

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Q: What is the value of a Remington Model 700 in 300 Win Mag blued with checkered walnut stock DBL 24 barrel?
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Does the 1905 model have checkering on the stock and forearm?

Not usually. The standard Model 1905 was made with plain non-checkered walnut stocks. There were a scant few Deluxe guns made that have high quality walnut stocks that were checkered. Bert H.

What is a Remington Model 10T with a raised VR 32 inch barrel with fancy walnut wood in NRA excellent condition worth?

just like the rest what ever u can get i have one loking for a barrel

Does a Savage Model 720 come with Remington barrel?

AnswerNo. In my research into this question, they dont come with a Remington barrel, but they say that the Remington model 11 barrel is interchangeable with the Savage 720, and visa versa. They will not be interchangeable with the Browning A5 barrel.

What are the barrel lengths for all the different versions of the Remington Model 10 shotgun?

The Remington Model 10 slide action has barrel lengths of 26" 28" 30" and 32"

What is the value of Remington Model 29 T with a 32 in barrel?

What is the value of a Remington 29 T 32 barrel worth in great condition

Replacing barrel on Remington model 12?

Remington Model 12 barrels are threaded to the action. Barrels can be replaced with the proper equipment.

How does one remove the barrel on a Remington Model 29 shotgun?

You can request a manual from Remington on their web site.

What is the value of a Remington model 1893 single barrel shotgun?

Try posting at Remington Society of America.

Can steel shot be used in a Remington model 11 barrel?

Not recommended

Where is the serial number on a Remington model 6?

CHeck the receiver and barrel

Is there a Remington model 7?

The model seven is a centerfire bold action sporting rifle with an 18.5" barrel and 4 or 5 shot magazine. Blued with a checkered walnnt stock. Chambered for .223, .243, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win, and .260 Rem. Introduced 1982.

What is the value of a Remington model 31 20 gauge shotgun?

The Remington model 31 pump action shotgun which was made from 1931-1949 will bring between 150-265 dollars for a plain barrel model with between 60%-90% overall condition.a solid rib model 31 will bring between 190-300 dollars,and a vent rib barrel model will bring between 210-320 dollars,using the criteria set forth on the plain barrel model.If you have a model 31 special(higher grade wood and checkered pistol grip stock) then the value will be between 275-385 dollars.