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Simply that it was a grade II. Grade I guns had a blued trigger

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Q: What does the gold trigger on some Browning grade 2 BAR Relgium made rifles represent?
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Is there anything that can be done to improve the new Browning BAR's horrid trigger pull if Browning in Arnold Missouri won't even talk about it?

I don't think Browning can modify trigger pull on their rifles due to liability, but you can contact a retired Browning Gunsmith who does excellent work on pull.

What does the S stand for What does the S represent on gamo air rifles?

Usually it stands for "Safety." When activated it keeps the trigger in a safe fire mode.

What does bar stand for in browning rifles?

Browning Automatic Rilfe

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What does 'grade' refer to in browning automatic rifles?


Where can you get information on old browning bolt action rifles?

Besides a number of books published on Browning, and some of the gun collector forums (google Browning collectors) you might start with Browning. They have a website, and are still in business making very nice rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Did Browning ever make rifles in Australia?

As far as I know browning did not have any firearms made for them in australia.

How rare are Browning octagon rifles?

Depends on the specifics of the one you have.

What is average trigger pull for most rifles?

5 lbs

Where can a person buy rifles for sale?

Rifles can be purchased from the manufacturers such as Browning or Smith & Wesson. Rifles can also be purchased from third-party stores such as Amazon.

Did browning make a 3030?

Browning has made centerfire lever action rifles in various calibers over the decades.