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Any 'celebrity' numbers would NOT be available to the general public - to prevent drunken 'fans' calling them at 3am !

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Q: What is sriti jha's cell phone number or contact?
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What is a cell phone ecn?

Emergency Contact Number

What does preferred contact number mean?

A preferred contact number is the telephone number that a person prefers to be contacted on, in case of a urgent message or emergency. This will usually be a cell phone number.

Is there anyway a telephone number can get into a cell phone without the owner entering it themselves there is a guy's number in wife's cell phone contact list and she says she did not enter it?


What is kim bums cell phone number?

WikiAnswers does not divulge personal contact information of celebrities, for individuals.

Who can i contact to unlock a cell phone?

your cell phone service

What does it mean to lock a contact on your cell phone?

Well, its looking at the person you saved into your phone. Like the person, and number. It's called a contact I'D

What is Matt Hardy's cell phone number? does not provide personal contact details.

Who do you contact for a panda bear visit to your event?

You would call its cell phone number.

I want to know about my friend's cell phone number contact details?

Too bad

What is sam earles cell phone number?

WikiAnswers does not provide the personal contact information including address, phone number or email for any individual.

How can you put a new number on your alltell cell phone?

You can contact your service provider and ask them to change it.

What is Jaxon Bieber's cell phone number?

are you kidding me?! jaxon BIEBER is a baby. he doesn't have a cell phone. WikiAnswers does not provide private contact information for celebreties and people alike.