What is so bad about a period?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It hurts and it can eventually kill you if you have too many.

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Q: What is so bad about a period?
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Is it bad to eat egg while on your period and if so why?

Is it bad to eat egg while on period and if so why?

Is it bad when you get your period when your a teenager?

you can get your period from as early as 9, right up to when your about 18 so anytime in between is the norm.

Is it bad to have your period one and a half weeks after your last?

not necessarily your period could be changing when it is going to start so it bleeds close to your last period.

Is it bad if your period last more than a week?

well some women can have there period last for several weeks and for a whole month.. so i guess its not bad.. ask your doctor in case.

What would happen if exercise on your period?

Nothing bad would happen. It is often recommened because it can relieve period pain and make it not so heavy

Is it bad if you are on your period and you start the active pills of the contraceptive pill one day early?

No, my wife does this as well as not stopping taking the active pill after the 21st day so she can control when her period arrives or not so she can do things without worrying about having a period.

Does ferrous sulphate give you really bad period pains?

I'd love to know that I'm on them tablets for my iron can they Give you bad pains :( I get them so bad that half the time I can't move

Is showering bad for your period?


Im on my period and keep having bad pains what do you do?

these are just period pains so dn't worry just take some paracetamol to ease the pain. the pain will go once you have finished your period.

Is it bad for women to eat watermelon on their period?

No. But other foods like hot cheetos is bad to eat when you are on your period.

Is it bad if you havent got your period for over a year but has gotten it before?

same thing happened too me :) but i asked my mom if it was normal and she said yes . i had my first period for a day and it wasnt even THATT bad . so it was a light flow .

Is it bad to smoke when a girl is on their period?

It is always bad to smoke.