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No, my wife does this as well as not stopping taking the active pill after the 21st day so she can control when her period arrives or not so she can do things without worrying about having a period.

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Q: Is it bad if you are on your period and you start the active pills of the contraceptive pill one day early?
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If skipping the sugar pills to skip a period should you take all of the active pills in the second packet of contraceptive pills or is it ok to stop taking them as soon as you want your period again?

You can use them either way as long as you never go more than seven days without taking an active pill.

If you start while still taking active pills to you continue with the active ones or switch to the sugar pills?

Keep taking your pills all in order-do not skip any active pills...did you miss any pills -sometimes that can cause you to start your period early...also-maybe put a call in to your doc- if you didn't miss any pills,you shouldn't start your period while still taking active pills

Will you gain more weight if you are taking birth control pills but don't take the green ones so your period will stop?

Some women do gain weight while on contraceptive pills, and some do not. Skipping your period, or not taking the in-active green sugar pills, will not make you gain weight, it will just skip your period.

Will your period be late if you do not take the green pills?

In some birth control brands, the green pills are active pills and should not be skipped. In other brands, the green pills are placebos (sugar pills or reminder pills) and can be skipped. Talk to your pharmacist or health care provider to get information specific to your brand of birth control pills. If you skip active pills, your period will be early and you increase the risk of pregnancy. If you skip placebo pills, your period will be delayed.

Why do doctors reccommend that a female who is not sexually active to take contraceptive pills?

to regulate their menstrual cycle

What are the elements of contraceptive pills?

What are the elements of contraceptive.

Is it normal for your period to start four days after taking a 21 days contraceptive pills?


If you get your period early on in the cycle should you skip right to the sugar pills?

Hi, No never skip to sugar pills when this happens or it will throw your cycle off completely. Continue to take the pills as prescribed. So take the active pills and then the sugar pills when it is time.

How do you skip your period on ortho tri-cyclen?

After taking your three weeks of active pills, just skip the sugar pills in the last row and go directly into a new pack. You take 6 rows of active pills (all the active pills from 2 packs) and skip the period you would have gotten on the sugar pills

What if i Started my period while still on active pills?

Just continue taking your pills as normal.

Can you take double birth control pills to get period a week early?

Taking two a day is not the way to go. There's no increase in contraceptive effectiveness. Talk with your health care provider about how to move your cycle date.

What happens if you dont get your period on the 22nd day after taking last active pill?

Your period can arrive anytime during the non-active pills which are the 7 pills at the end of your pack. If you miss a period perform a pregnancy test.