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I dont the exact time but usually about a week before your period and youll get it throughout the week to

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2014-01-03 07:41:13
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Q: What is normal timing of discharge?
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Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?

Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

Is clear discharge normal?

Yes, Clear discharge is normal.

Is it normal to have discharge?

Is it normal 2 have a yellow are white discharge?

Is it normal to have discharge while on your period?

It depends on what type of discharge. If the discharge is blood, then of course it is normal.

Is a vaginal discharge normal?

Yes, a clear odorless discharge is normal.

Is it normal to have a heavy discharge when your pregnant?

Yes this is normal, providing the discharge is white or clear and does not have a odour.

What is normal vaginal discharge after a hysterectomy?

Is a yellowish discharge and slight odor normal after vaginal hyserectomy

Is tissue discharge normal during pregnancy?

is it normal to have some discharge tissue during pregnancy

What is the normal color of discharge?

The color that is healthy and the normal for discharge is either white and thick or clear at times.

If a girl has normal discharge and has sex without condom can the guy get the discharge too?

Normal discharge means NO INFECTIONS - in this case men cannot have discharge after sex BUT if the origin of discharge is sexually transmitted infections - YES, men can get it after sex.

Is my vaginal discharge normal?


What does it mean if you ovulated late and had a white or clear discharge about five days after ovulation?

I don't know much about ovulation timing - it just tends to happen when it want to - but I do know that a discharge similar in appearance and texture to egg whites is considered completely normal.

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