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is it normal to have some discharge tissue during pregnancy

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Q: Is tissue discharge normal during pregnancy?
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How do you get rid of discharge from your vagina?

You can not. Vaginal discharge is natural and normal and should not and can not go away. That is the vaginal cleaning system. When you menstruate the egg comes out with the discharge and the discharge keeps the good bacteria on the right level. It also work as lubrication during sex and protects the vaginal tissue.

What does swelled ankles mean during pregnancy?

What you're experiencing is edema - that's when excess fluid collects in your tissue. It's normal to have a certain amount of swelling during pregnancy because you're retaining more water. Changes in your blood chemistry also cause some fluid to shift into your tissue.

What is the tissue that lines the uterus during pregnancy?

The amnionic sac.

What hormone promotes glandular tissue during pregnancy and produces milk after the birth of an infant?

Prolactin or lactogenic Hormone (PRL) promotes glandular tissue during pregnancy and produces milk after the birth of an infant

Everytime you go to the bathroom and wipe yourself this thick and creamy discharge appears on your tissue is this normal?

What part of yourself are you wiping?

What is the skin tissue being discharge from a vagina during menstruation?

The tissue that you see in your menstrual flow isn't skin, it is most likely the uterine lining. It's normal to see larger pieces of uterus lining being shed in your menstrual flow on heavier days of your period.

Can the birth control pill cause nipple discharge?

Hello, It has been noted that some birth control can cause nipple discharge in a few women due to the hormones contained in the birth control. However nipple discharge does require medical evaluation and you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. Nipple discharge occurs for a variety of reasons. During pregnancy it is known as colostrum and will not occur before the 5th month of pregnancy. Anything prior to this is not pregnancy related and should be mentioned to your doctor. Clear or colorless discharge can be caused by nipple or breast stimulation of a milk duct infection. Milk or white colored discharge is usually caused by too much progesterone, breast stimulation, milk duct infection or pregnancy. Rusty of blood colored discharge may be caused by a severe infection in the milk duct tissue or papilloma. Please see your doctor about this as what I have said is advice only and should never be used in place of a medical experts.

Is it normal if Menstrual blood stretchy?

Yes, it is normal for your menstrual blood - or specifically the menstrual flow - to be stretchy. As well as blood your flow is made up of uterine tissue, cervical mucus, and discharge.

Can you be pregnant if you have dark discharge one week after your period?

It depends on what's happening with the pregnancy but a small amount of dark blood is usually no concern during pregnancy, it is simply old blood. Much less worry than larger amounts of fresh bleeding.

What happens to the patient after cervical cryotherapy?

Cervical cryotherapy is often followed by a heavy and often odorous discharge during the first month after the procedure. The discharge is due to the dead tissue cells leaving the treatment site.

What is mestrual period?

A menstrual period is when the uterus lining sheds as a result of a cycle without pregnancy occurring. Menstrual flow is made up of the uterine tissue, blood, cervical mucus, and discharge.

What kinds of pregnancy massage are there?

Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, movement, and Oriental-based therapies, may be applied throughout pregnancy as well as during labor and the postpartum period.