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Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

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My 12 yr old daughter is having a large amount of discharge is that normal or sh

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Q: Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?
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Went to 3 doctors for daily vaginal discharge all said it was normal and that most women have it is this true or are they just saying this to make you feel more comfortable?

It is true- its a hormonal discharge.

What is the white crusty stain in your wifes underwear?

Don't jump to conclusions as it is quite common for women to have this and it is vaginal discharge. Some women wear pantyliners daily to prevent having this in their underwear.

Do women discharge when not aroused?

Yes, all people with a vagina will have discharge at all times.Discharge is how the vagina stays clean and healthy, discharge flushes out dead cells as well as maintaining healthy pH and protecting vaginal tissues from damage - just like tears in the eyes or snot in the nose. When aroused lubrication is produced by the Bartholin Glands lower in the vagina, this is slightly different to normal vaginal discharge women experience daily.

What is the treatment for positive coccobacilli on pap smear?

If a woman has complaints of vaginal discharge or odor, than coccobacilli on a pap smear can be treated with vaginal cleocin, vaginal metronidazole, or metronidazole 500 mg tablets twice daily for seven days. If she has no complaints, no treatment is indicated.

Can a girl let out vaginal discharge if she haven't had her period yet?

Yes, thick vaginal discharge on underwear can make the underwear stiff when it dries. Discharge changes with hormonal changes so sometimes it will be thicker than others days, and that's normal. You can use pantiliners to deal with this but it's not very hygienic to use pantiliners daily as it prevents air flow to your genitals, not to mention it's expensive and wasteful. As long as a girl changes her underwear daily it's absolutely fine.

How do you cure leukorrhea?

If it's related to pregnancy, you'll be cured when you deliver. But know that a clear or white vaginal discharge is a normal, daily part of life as a women. The discharge disappears after menopause. At that point, some women find the lack of discharge makes the genital so uncomfortable that they buy artificial vaginal fluid at the store so they aren't itchy and sore. If your discharge has an odor, off-color, or comes with itching, get a check up.

How do you stop discharge?

first of all you should ask a doctor to make sure that it is not something serious, more than likely it could be a yeast infection. make sure to keep your vaginal area clean and dry, use feminie wash. do not douche, it is not recommended by doctors and can make inside like sandpaper if used too often.

Is it normal to always be wet?

Feeling wet in your vagina or vulva area is due to discharge.A woman starts to get discharge as she enters puberty, it continues throughout your life only starting to reduce as the woman enters menopause - it's normal to have discharge daily as it is discharge that keeps your vagina clean and healthy.Discharge serves several functions:Flushes out dead cells, dirt and bacteria from inside the vagina.It's pH is acidic to kill 'bad' bacteria but let 'good' bacteria thrive.It keeps vaginal tissues moist to prevent discomfort or damage.Changes as hormones change, telling you what's happening in your body.Increases when aroused to allow pain-free, safe, and pleasurable sex.Cervical mucus around ovulation helps sperm survive and reach the egg.As long as thno irritation or bad odour being wet down below is totally normal.

What does it mean when clear slime gooey stuff comes out of your vagina?

Your vagina always has discharge as this is how it keeps itself clean and healthy, a clear gooey discharge may be fertile quality cervical mucus. Cervical mucus normally plugs-up the cervix to prevent anything getting through, but around a week leading up to ovulation this mucus changes to open the cervix and it leaks down into the vagina to help protect sperm from acidic vaginal pH and act as a medium to help it swim up to reach the egg.

Why men have pus cells in urine with no discharge from penis?

i get pus from my panis daily what is itplz help

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