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Normal daily hair loss is the natural result of the three phases of the hair growth cycle.

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Q: What is the reason for normal daily hair loss?
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Does smoking cigarettes cause hair loss?

If you are skeptical about whether smoking can cause hair loss or not, a recent study says 'yes'. A recent observational study has found that smoking can cause hair loss and also baldness. There are many ways cigarette smoking can cause hair loss, and most of these are related to the effects of cigarette smoke on your hair follicle. Cigarette smoke contains almost 4,000 lethal and damaging chemicals that can cause normal hair loss. Smoking also causes dull, lank and smelly hair. Not only your smoking habit affects the look and smell of your hair, it can also make your hair break off. Smoking stops the flow of an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients through your blood. Because your hair does not get the right amount of the vital nutrients, your hair becomes unhealthy. So if you are already a smoker, give up the smoking habit for shiny and healthy hair.

What is the difference between normal loss and abnormal loss and give an example?

Normal LossAbnormal Loss1Normal loss is a loss which is depend upon the nature of the goods.Abnormal loss does not depend upon the nature of the goods .2NormalLosscannotbe avoided.AbnormalLosscan be avoided.3It is charged to consignment A/cIt is debited to Abnormal loss A/c & credited to consignment A/c4Value of stock is inflated to cover the normal loss.This type of loss does not effectthe value of goods5Example : evaporation, leakage, driage etc.Example : loss by theft, fire

What type of diet should one be on to prevent hair loss?

Eating a well balanced diet that is rich with Omega 3's will contribute to healthy hair. Also, a diet that provides a lot of protein will help with hair loss.

Can cold showers help you lose weight?

Yes, a very small amount of weight-loss may occur. The weight-loss is for two reasons. One is that your body will need to burn a few calories to bring itself back to normal temperature. The second reason is discussed on this linked page. See also:Effective weight-loss

Is chapati is good for dinner in diet food?

Hair will loss hmmm................!

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Is the loss of 100 hairs per day considered normal hair loss?

yes it is. the problem is if your hair is thinning. that can be brought by stress or the shampoos that you use. stress is the major reason fo hair loss,but you can get your hairs back,consult with hair expert surgeon.

Can exercise cause hair loss?

If you are exercising excessively and not keeping up with a healthy nutrition plan, you can experience hair loss. If you are losing more than 100 strands of hair daily, I'd suggest scheduling a consultation with a specialist. They will be able to tell you if exercise is the only reason for your hair loss.

Is hair loss daily a cause for concern?

It is a natural process. Do not bother for minimal hair loss daily because such things are bound to occur with ageing.

Does The loss of about 100 hairs per day from one's head is considered normal hair loss?

yes it considers as normal hair loss,but also check the hair loss causes if you feels that your hairs loss is increases from this limit.

Mouse has raw skin and hair loss?

diet is excellent...cage is cleaned daily. skin is damp and red and has major hair loss

Is there any ingredients in shampoo that could cause hair loss?

Not ordinarily. One possible reason would be an allergy to the shampoo ingredients. Change to baby shampoo and see if the condition stops. Be aware that you do shed hair more in the spring and fall. This is perfectly normal. However, if you experience more than normal hair loss, see your doctor.

What is the reason behind white hair?

Loss of melanin as you age.

How do you treat hair loss?

There can be many reason for hair loss. However the most basic reason being extremely dry scalp and dandruff. I had heavy hair loss a year back. Then I started using coconut oil for hair loss. It has a garlic oil blend which is a natural healing agent with antifungal properties. The 'cocolipids' in the coconut oil nourishes deeply and acts as a carrier of these properties to prevent hair loss.

Does the loss of about 100 hairs per day from one's head considered normal hair loss?

as per my trichologist dr rekha yadav loss of 100 hair per day is normal only when you are able to regrow that much but if scalp starts showing gradually and you are not regrowing equal amounts it is abnormal to lose even 30. you can have a daily hair loss of less than 50 hair but if it is there with loss of is not normal. I was losing only 30-40 hair per day but my scalp gradually looked very scanty as per my trichologists advice i started with saw palmetto and now my hair is strong enough to not complain about. you can try saw palmetto supplements to treat hair loss available with revital trichology in bandra, Mumbai if you are in India . i have contolled my hair loss with that. here is a link to their website or call 022-26419022/09322681717

Reasons for Hair Loss in men?

Hair loss can be due genetic reason, stress, fungal infection, thyroid, alcoholism and smoking. Minoxidil lotion is useful in the treatment for hair loss. It should be applied twice daily to the scalp. Many patients benefit from Rogaine extra strength and Rogaine regular strength, but the effect remains only till the time you continue with the medication.

Is it normal for a American Eskimo to loose an extreme amount of hair?

Rapid hair loss is not normal. It usually indicates a disease or enlistment in the armed forces.

How many hair loss by a normal person in each day?

100 or less.

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