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Its... 407-401-8477. That's her REAL, REAL phone number. Not fake!! Just call it first, then save it.

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Q: What is katelyn tarver real phone number?
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What is katelyn tarver phone number?

Its... 407-401-8477. That's her REAL, REAL phone number. Not fake!! Just call it first, then save it.

What is the name of te girl who plays Jo on big time rush?

Jo Taylor, played by Katelyn Tarver is supposedly the same age as Kendall Knight (16 to 19 over the course of the series 2009-2013). Tarver was 4 or 5 years older. Katelyn Tarver was born on November 2, 1989, exactly one year before Kendall Schmidt.

What is Jo Taylor's real name from Big Time Rush?

Katelyn Tarver.

Who is katelyn tarver's real boyfriend?

Well in my choice one of my freinds told me that she has met katelyn tarver so many times that she said one time she spotted katelyn tarver and with her co star Kendall Schimdt at some store and they said well i think that katelyn tarvers boyfriend is Kendall Schimdt from BTr aka Big Time Rush

Does katelyn tarver have a boyfriend?

it is to be heard that in the show they are and in real life that they are also dating

What is joe real name from Big Time Rush?

Katelyn Tarver played Jo on Big Time Rush.

Is Joanna Jo's real name from big tome rush?

I'm sorry but if you type WHAT IS JO'S REAL NAME FROM BIG TIME RUSH. it says joanna is the answer. but it is really not joanna. katelyn is her first name. tarver is her last name. so go on Google and type is WHO IS KATELYN TARVER DATING

Does kendall schmidt and katlyn tarver have the same birthday?

Yes they do which is so wired because Katelyn played Jo and Jo and Kendall like each other and in real life Kendall and Katelyn have the same birthday but Kendall is a year younger💜😉

Does Kendall Schmidt have a pregnant girlfriend?

No but some people say katelyn tarver had a baby with him

What is Micheal Tarver's Real Name?

Micheal tarver i would u ask

Does Brenda Song have a real phone number?

If she has a 'phone then she will have a real 'phone number

What is Katelyn from the real worlds real name?