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Well in my choice one of my freinds told me that she has met katelyn tarver so many times that she said one time she spotted katelyn tarver and with her co star Kendall Schimdt at some store and they said well i think that katelyn tarvers boyfriend is Kendall Schimdt from BTr aka Big Time Rush

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Q: Who is katelyn tarver's real boyfriend?
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What is katelyn tarvers sisters name?

Amanda tarver, she is the 2 oldest out of 2

Does katelyn tarver have a boyfriend?

it is to be heard that in the show they are and in real life that they are also dating

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lol wot

What is Jo Taylor's real name from Big Time Rush?

Katelyn Tarver.

Is Katelyn Schmidt and kendall schmidt?

They are not bros and sis nor are they boyfriend and girlfriend. They are just really good friends.

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What is katelyn tarver real phone number?

Its... 407-401-8477. That's her REAL, REAL phone number. Not fake!! Just call it first, then save it.

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