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Double beds usually means that there are two double size beds in the room. If they are double queen beds they usually note that they are queen beds as it draws more travelers then double beds

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Q: What is double bed double room in hotel?
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What does room configuration basis hotel accommodation means?

The numbre and types of bed in a room e.g double-double means two double beds in a room

What is a double room in a hotel?

Double room hotel is nothing but the room which has two rooms inside that is called as double room in a hotel.

How many beds does a standard hotel room have?

Typically, a standard hotel room has one large bed (a double or queen bed). However, it may have two smaller beds instead.

What is single bed hotel room?

a room with only one bed

What is the difference between a twin and double hotel room?

A twin bedroom has two single beds, a double bedroom has a double bed!

What is a triple bed in a hotel?

Refer to its name is A room with three bed,It could have three sepreat/single bed or 1 single and a double bed answer by Mohsen

What is a hotel double bed?

A bed that can accommodate two persons.

What is the price of a double room in the Kensington Close hotel?

The price of a double room in the Kensington Close (located in London, England) hotel starts at $82 GPB for a standard room, $118 GPB for superior room, and $130 GPB for an executive room. All of these rooms include a double bed or two single beds.

What do you mean by double bed room and single bed room?

Double bed = 2 beds Single bed = 1 bed The sizes may vary.

What is a standard twin hotel room?

A Standard Twin Hotel Room is one with 2 beds. Depending on the location and the hotel these beds may be single, double or even Queen/King beds. It is two beds in a room, the bed is about 1.2m*2m. the room is about 24 m2.

What is a single room in hotel?

That's a room meant to be occupied by one person. Usually has a narrow twin-size bed. A double room has a bigger bed or two beds to be occupied by more than one person.

What is double hotel room?

A room with two beds.

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