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Double room hotel is nothing but the room which has two rooms inside that is called as double room in a hotel.

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Q: What is a double room in a hotel?
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What is a double single use hotel room?

A double hotel room sleeps up to four people in two double beds. Since there are two beds, it is called a double.

What do you call a two room in a hotel?

A room for two can be called a twin room or a double room.

How many rooms does the Bristol Airport Hotel have?

There are three types of rooms available at the Bristol Airport Hotel, Superior Double Room, Superior Double Room with Advanced Rate, and Deluxe Double Room. In total there are 251 rooms.

What does room configuration basis hotel accommodation means?

The numbre and types of bed in a room e.g double-double means two double beds in a room

What type of rooms are available in The Hotel Hawaii Mallorca?

The Hotel Hawaii in Mallorca provides its guests with four possible rooms. These rooms are double room sea view, premium room, suite, and a double room.

What is Executive Double Room?

Its just a name of a room type. The rooms facilities could alter from hotel to hotel. You could assume its not there standard room, but thats about it.

What is the price of a double room in the Kensington Close hotel?

The price of a double room in the Kensington Close (located in London, England) hotel starts at $82 GPB for a standard room, $118 GPB for superior room, and $130 GPB for an executive room. All of these rooms include a double bed or two single beds.

What is the average cost of the Chiswick Moran Hotel?

The average cost of the Chiswick Moran Hotel per night is $242 for a deluxe double or twin room and $274 for an executive double room. The larger the room the more it will cost you to stay there. Chiswick Moran Hotel is located in London, England and said to be a very nice hotel.

How much is a double room at The Asia Hotel in Bangkok?

There is a wide range of rooms available at The Asia Hotel in Bangkok, and as a result, there is a large price range. A double room can be as expensive as 2,250 Baht Nett.

What are the room prices in the County Hotel in London UK?

The room prices vary from 50 pounds to 64 pounds for a double twin room. If you are on a budget, this is perfect. The hotel offers one bathroom to every four hotel rooms.

What is the difference between a twin and double hotel room?

A twin bedroom has two single beds, a double bedroom has a double bed!

What is the difference between a double room and a twin room?

that's a good question... The shortest answer to that is :A Double room means a room with a double bed. A Twin room means a room with 2 single beds.