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It's the combination of the Angel bites (double upper lip) piercings and Snake bites (double lower lip) piercings.

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Q: What is a bear trap piercing?
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What stores do body piercing in gurnee mills mall?

Unfortunately, we do not have any stores that offer body piercing at the mall at this time. However, Piercing Pagoda (kiosk located bear Bed, Bath, and Beyond), and Claire's (near Entry F) both offer ear piercing. We also have several carts/ kiosks, and stores that sell body jewelry.

What happens taking out a infected industrial piercing will it heal?

Don't take it out!!!! That will trap the infection making it harder to get rid of and possibly form an abscess. Keep the jewelery in and go to the doctors to get antibiotics.

Is antiseptic cream good for a belly button piercing?

It really isnt necessary. Using the cream can 'suffocate' the piercing because its thick. It could also trap dirt and things like that. Unless its recommended from a doctor for an infection or something like that, stay away from it and stick with sea salt soaks

What do you do if your tongue is turning purple after a piercing?

You should see a doctor about it. Do not take it out. If it is infected, that would trap the infection and cause an abcess to form. If its a new piercing, discoloration is normal. I would go to your piercer first unless the discoloration has lasted for more than 2 weeks or if you feel nauseated, dizzy, or weak.

What kind of piercing is a Monroe piercing?

A Monroe piercing is a piercing on the left upper lip. It's called the Monroe piercing due to Marilyn Monroe's mole piercing. Many people now has this piercing which was started by the celebrity herself.

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