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A Winchester Model 37 steelbilt 16 ga. is worth $75- to $100 depending on it's condition, So I've read. I have one and wouldn't sell it for $500.

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Q: What is a Winchester model 37 shotgun 16 gauge worth?
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What is your 1961 Winchester 20 gauge model 12 pump shotgun worth in great condition?

Yes, a well maintained 1961 Winchester 20 gauge model 12 pump shotgun is in good condition.

How much is a Winchester Model 12 - 12 gauge shotgun worth?

100-1000+ depending on specifics.

When was a Winchester 12 gauge model 37 shotgun with a 36 barrel manufactured and what is it worth?

It was made in 1937.

What is an 1812 Winchester 20 gauge shotgun worth?

No such gun. Check model and repost, please. 20 gauge shells were not created in 1812.

What is a 1954 winchester model 20 semi automatic 20 gauge shotgun worth?

10-250 usd

What is the value and age of a Winchester model 12 20 gauge shotgun serial 1201071?

your Winchester model 12 shotgun was made in 1949.with that said your model 12 with no special options would be worth between 500-700 dollars based on condition of the shotgun.

How much is a 1886 lever action 10 gauge Winchester shotgun worth in good shape?

There were model 1887 lever action shotguns made by Winchester ( I have a 12 ga). These are worth in the range of $1200 to $5000 depending on condition. I am not aware of any Model 1886 Winchesters in a shotgun.

What is the Winchester model 1912 12 gauge serial 151623 worth?

Your Winchester model 1912 pump action shotgun,which was produced in 1917,will range in price from 250-450 dollars based on your shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining and in 12 gauge.If you have a 16 gauge model then 275-475 dollars,if you have a twenty gauge model then 450-675 dollars.

What is a Model 37 Winchester 12 ga shotgun worth?

what is a winchester model 37 stillbuilt 12ga shotgun worth is has a pig tail where it breaks down and is in good shap

What is a model 1887 Winchester lever action 10 gauge shotgun serial 37085 worth?

Depends on the condition. Give you an idea 0-1500.

What is a Winchester model 97 12 gauge shotgun serial number 757944E worth and when was it made?

pretty common gun around 350 - 450

How much can a Winchester model 140 12 gauge semi automatic be worth?

A Winchester Model 140 12 gauge, semi automatic can be worth up to $150. The exact amount that the Winchester is worth depends on the condition of the gun.