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It was made in 1937.

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Q: When was a Winchester 12 gauge model 37 shotgun with a 36 barrel manufactured and what is it worth?
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What is the age of your Winchester model 21 12 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 1324?

"Your" Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun was manufactured in 1933, giving it an age of 77 years, as of 2010.

Who manufactured the Sears M200 12 gauge Shotgun?


Who manufactured your Ranger 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with serial x61604?

From what I could find your gun is made by Winchester. It should say it on your gun somewhere though.

What is the age of your model 12 20 gauge Winchester shotgun with the serial number 1055253?

Your shotgun was manufactured in 1947.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Winchester model 12 shotgun serial 1606812?

1956 This shotgun WA manufactured in 1956

What is the choke size on a Winchester ranger 140 shotgun?

The Winchester 140 12 gauge has a choke barrel at 28". This is the same choke size as the 20 gauge model.

Where is the serial number of Winchester model 12 20 gauge shotgun?

Look on bottom of receiver and barrel

Winchester Model 24 Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun value?

10-500 usd

Is it safe to fire an Excel single shot w gauge shotgun serial 7135?

Is this shotgun manufactured with a twist steel barrel

When was Winchester model 12 12 gauge serial no. 1747610 made?

Your Winchester Model 12 Slide Action Shotgun in 12 gauge with serial number 1747610, was manufactured in 1959.

When was Winchester Model 12 12 gauge shotgun serial 438188 made?

Model 1912 Manufactured 1926.

What model is a 16 gauge pump shotgun with serial 702802?

The model will be stamped on the barrel right after the Winchester name.