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No such gun. Check model and repost, please. 20 gauge shells were not created in 1812.

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Q: What is an 1812 Winchester 20 gauge shotgun worth?
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Was the war of 1812 worth fighting?

The war of 1812 was worth fighting for because America was already independent.

What is a 1812 Canadian penny worth?

about 4 or 5 dollars

What would 400 pounds sterling in 1812 be worth today?


What is the worth of the Charles Dickens coin with 1812-1870 on front along with face and made in England on the back?

What's it worth

How much is a 1812 silver dollar worth?

Sorry but no U.S. one dollar coins were struck in 1812. Look at the coin again and post new question.

What is the value of a 1812 penny?

approx. $ 1812 penny, or cent would be a Classic Head Large Cent and would be worth about $50 or more depending on condition. If it has been cleaned it would be worth less. Cleaning coins reduces the value of the coin

What is the War of 1812 of 1812 where people fought in 1812 and more than 1812 men died?

It was fought in the year 1812.

How much is an 1812 liberty nickel worth?

Sorry no Liberty Head nickels in 1812. The first US nickel was struck in 1866 and the first Liberty Head was in 1883, so look at the coin again and post new question.

How much was 10 000 in 1812 worth today?

Assuming you mean US dollars, its value today would be roughly $ 180,000.

Value liberty 1812 US one cent piece?

Wow! - you possess a Classic Head Large Cent - a 1812 coin in good condition (G4) is worth: $55.00. In moderately-worn (F12) condition its value goes up to about $250.

What was the Month of the war of 1812 was declared?

The war of 1812 was declared in June of 1812.

Why is the war of 1812 called the war of 1812?

The War of 1812 began in 1812. It used to be referred to as the War of 1812-1814, but that name became too cumbersome and ultimately, through general usage, was shortened to the War of 1812.