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There were 306,880 Targetmasters produced from 1936 until 1939. Value depends on condition and whether any drilling and tapping for add-on sights has taken place. This would drop the value considerably. Without seeing this firearm it's difficult to give an accurate value. Guesstimate would be $225.00 in 70% condition to $350.00 in 95% condition as long as everything is original.

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i have one that will not cock ,any suggest
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Q: What is a Remington targetmaster model 41 worth?
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Value of Remington Targetmaster model 41 cal 22 rifle?

value of Remington targetmaster model 41 cal 22rifle

What did the remington targetmaster model 41 sell for new?

$ 26

How much did the Remington targetmaster model 41 cost?


What is Value of a Remington targetmaster model 41?

Depending on condition, around $150.

What is a Remington Target master model 41 in mint condition worth?

The Remington Model 41 Targetmaster was produced from 1936 to 1939 with 306,880 rifles being assembled. Mint condition would be valued at around $300.00

When was the first Remington targetmaster model 41 made?

The first model 41A targetmaster was made in the year 1936.the Target master series of rifles which includes the model 41A,41AS,41P,41SB were made from 1936-1940.

How do you determine the age of a Remington targetmaster model 41?

The targetmaster was manufactured from 1936-1939 everything after 1920 has the date code stamped on the barrel. The details for this can be found on the Remington Society of America here:

Where can you buy a stock for Remington Mod 41 Targetmaster?

can find on ebay for around 80.00

What is a Remington 41-2 targetmaster?

Remington model 41 target master is an awesome old-time single shot .22 rifle. No provisions for a scope only open sights, a very long (69cm) barrel. My grandfather owned one when I was a kid.

When did remington make model41 targetmaster boltaction 22?

Remington made 306,880 model 41 Target master rifles from 1936-1939. See related links for information on the Remington Society of America for the date code information stamped on the barrel (month/year)

What is the value of a 22 s l lr Remington with either a lever or bolt action and the markings Target Master Reg U S Pat Off Model 41?

The Model 41 TargetMaster sells in the $100-$150 range in top condition.

Where can you get Remington model 41 parts?

Numrich Arms.

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