What if you missed 4 birth control pills?

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If you have missed that many pills, do not have unprotected sex. After taking your next pill wait at least 7 days before having sex unprotected.

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Q: What if you missed 4 birth control pills?
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What do you do if you missed four days of birth control pills?

use backup protection. Even if you take 4 days worth in 1 day, you can still get pregnant.

What if you missed 2 pills and had a full blown period is that normal?

Yes, this can occur. You need to restart taking birth control pills, and use condoms for the next 4 weeks to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

What would happen if someone took 4 birth control pills?

Overdosing on birth control pills isn't fatal. Depending on the brand/chemical in that particular pill, it could be anything from breast tenderness, to irregular bleeding, to discolored urine. You should, however, consult the insert for your pill and follow the directions if you've missed 3-4 active pills.

Missed 3 birth control pills but took 4 birth control pills today are they still effective?

No, you should use a back up method like abstinence or condoms until you've been on the pill for seven consecutive days. Consider talking with your health care provider about birth control options that don't require you to remember something daily.

Could I be pregnant if I missed a birth control pill the day before intercourse the condom broke during intercourse but I took 4 birth control pills right after intercourse?

yes..theres a strong possibility u have to take it before intercourse

What if you missed a light red pill in a 28 pack of birth control pills?

Take the pill as soon as you remember & continue taking your pills one a day. You will need to use a condom for the next 4 weeks to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

You missed about 4 days worth of your birth control and you just took them you started your period early and you would like to know if this is why you started early please help?

You started your period early because you missed your pills. Remember, if you miss pills you are not protected, use a back-up metnod of contraception for this cycle, such as condoms.

Can you get your period twice while being on birth control?

You shouldn't get your period twice unless you've missed some pills and then continue taking them. If this has happened used a condom for 4 weeks. If not then see your Doctor.

How do you catch up after missing 4 birth control pills?

You can not catch up after missing 4 birth control pills. After even missing one, you are at an increased risk for pregnancy, but by 4 pills you could have ovulated already. you have to wait till your cycle completes, then start all over with a new pack.

What are my chances of getting pregnant if I missed 5 birth control pills this month and 4 last month I am due for my period in a week?

it depends on many different circumstances. ----- A LITTLE MORE INFORMATION - I've had unprotected sex at least 10 times this month... the missed pills have been ENTIRELY missed, although they have not been consecutively missed (in a row) and have been scattered throughout the month..... what else could it be dependent on?

Can you take birth control pills for 4 weeks?

I guess you could, but ask your doctor first

I am on Kariva and I've missed a week with UN protected sex could i be pregnant?

Yes you could become pregnant as you have missed 7 days worth of birth control. Because of this I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks time and continue taking your birth control. Avoid having unprotected intercourse until you have continuously taken birth control for 4 weeks without missing any pills. Also use condoms.

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