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Absolutely! You missed 4 pills so you will probably get a full blown period for a lot longer than normal. You will prob spot up until you are scheduled for your period. Then you will get your normal period. If you are having sex be sure to use extra protection so you don't get pregnant. Hello. Yes missing birth control pills can cause you to spot. You spot blood because your body is trying to adust to being without the contraceptive hormones. Use a condom for the next week during sex otherwise you will be at risk of conceiving.

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Yes, it is normal to spot or have a withdrawal bleed after missing 4 Birth Control pills.

Hormonal birth control suppresses your menstrual cycles to stop ovulation, the bleeding you normally see every month is a withdrawal bleed meant to mimic menstruation that is caused by the drop in hormones when going from active to inactive pills. So when you miss pills you're essentially seeing a withdrawal bleed brought on by that drop in hormones from missing the active pills.

If you have missed your pills then you need to make sure to use another form of birth control in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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Q: Is it normal to spot after missing 4 birth control pills?
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If you repeatedly miss your birth control pills will this affect your fertility?

Yes, missing birth control pills increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Is it normal to feel sick after you take your birth control pill?

It is not normal to feel sick after taking birth control pills. If you feel that the pills are making you sick, you should contact your doctor and have them changed.Taking birth control pills should not make you feel sick. That is not normal.

What should you do if you miss a week of birth control and are now bleeding like you have a period?

Nothing, this is a perfectly normal withdrawal bleed from missing your pills.

Is there an incorrect way to take birth control pills?

Hello - The only incorrect way to take birth control pills is by not following your doctors or perscribes advice to the exact detail and missing pills and containously using birth control as a method of skipping your period.

Is it normal to bleed after stopping your birth control pills?

Yes, when you stop birth control pills, the hormone levels in your body drop. Then you have withdrawal bleeding.

Can drinking while on birth control affect you and cause pregnancy?

No it can't as long as you are taking your birth control pills as instructed and not missing any. Marcy

What if I missed 2 birth control pills and have bleeding?

The bleeding is caused by missing the birth control pills and is known as break through bleeding. If you are sexually active you will need to take the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy from occurring. Meanwhile, use a back up method of protection for 14 days to prevent pregnancy from occurring and continue taking birth control daily as normal.

St John's Wort birth control?

Absolutely not. Use the normal birth control pills, not a herbal alternative, which won't work.

Will taking two to three birth control pills at a time damage your insides?

No, it will not. It's part of the normal treatment when catching up on missed birth control pills (up to two at a time), or using birth control pills to control irregular uterine bleeding, as well as for emergency contraception.

What are the signs if wife is taking birth control pills?

Packet of birth control pills on the kitchen counter, receipts from the pharmacy for birth control pills, or your wife asking, "Have you seen my birth control pills?"

Are you allergic to birth control pills?

I am not allergic to birth control pills.

When will you start menstruating after missing birth control pills?

Some women bleed after missing pills, and others don't. After you stop the pill altogether, your period usually comes in four to six weeks.