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It is not normal to feel sick after taking Birth Control pills. If you feel that the pills are making you sick, you should contact your doctor and have them changed.Taking birth control pills should not make you feel sick. That is not normal.

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Q: Is it normal to feel sick after you take your birth control pill?
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Is a one day bleed normal on the pill?

This is normal on the morning after pill but it is not normal on birth control, unless this is your first period on birth control then you may experience a lighter than normal period for you.

If you use birth control pills the day after preejaculation can you get pregnant?

Yes, you need to get the 'morning after pill'. Your normal birth control pill does not substitute for this.

Is solpadeine a birth control pill?

Solpadeine is a painkiller, not a birth control pill.

Is krimson 35 a birth control pill?

yes..its a birth control pill.

Is krimson35 a birth control pill?

Yes, Krimson 35 if a birth control pill

Is it normal to want to cry all the time although you are 27 on the pill and were told that the pill would help with these emotions and not make them worse?

No, it is not normal to cry constantly at any age. Please see your doctor again and explain how you feel and he can try you on another type of birth control pill. There are some young women who cannot tolerate the birth control pill and there is not many good reviews on them (they can make a person moody; depressed; cry and have your hormones going every which way.) Ask your doctor for other methods of birth control.

When do you ovulate if you're on the birth control pill?

Normally a woman does not ovulate while taking the birth control pill. This is the birth control pill's primary method of action.

What you forget to take the pill?

If you forgot to take your normal birth control pill then this is a good time to take the MAP if you had unprotected sex.

Is it normal to have pinkish brownish discharge while on the 18th pill of birth control pill?

Yeah, I get that sometimes. It's no big deal. :)

What does it mean when you are on the pill and spotting?

it is completely normal. especially if you have just started using birth control.

Is it normal to start your period 2 weeks early when on birth control pills?

no this is NOT normal, maybe you have forgotten the pill or miscalculated.

Is minigynon 30 a birth control pill?

Yes, minigynon 30 is a birth control pill.

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