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The first factors are: Speed, weight, and shape of the projectile. Speed will be determined by the powder charge used to drive the bullet, and the length of the barrel.

Elevation angle (the angle at which the barrel points upward) will then increase or decrease the range based on the first three factors. For most firearms the optimal elevation angle is between 30 and 40 degrees for maximum range.

Other lesser factors include the weather (wind, humidity, temperature) and altitude. Even the Coriolis Effect can play a small factor.

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Q: What factor has a significant impact on a firearm's range?
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Which factor has a significant impact on a firearms' maximum projectile range?

Weight, velocity, and shape of the bullet.

Which factor has a significant impact on a firearm maximum projectile range?


Which factor has a significant impact on a firearm's maximum projectile range?


What factors have a significant impact on a firearms maximum projectile range?

Speed, weight, and shape of the projectile- along with the angle at which the barrel is raised above the horizonatal.

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What is a factor on a firearms maximum projectile range?

Factors include the angle at which it is fired, the speed of the projectile, its shape (ballistic coefficient) the air pressure and humidity.

What does a firearms rangemaster do?

Ensure safe operation of the range.

Why is it important for a hunter to know a firearms range?

Determines the use of the firearm.

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What is the only factor that affects the range of a projectile?

The initial velocity of the projectile is the only factor that affects its range. Increasing the initial velocity will result in a longer range, while decreasing it will result in a shorter range.