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i believe its in the episode "Ultlimatum" hope this helps a lot!! :):)

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Q: What episode did ulrich and sissy kiss?
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Which episode did yumi and ulrich kiss?

they kiss in episode 78, and 22

Will Ulrich Stern and Yumi Ishyama kiss?

No, but in one episode they "nearly" kiss. and in another she kisses him

What episode in Code Lyoko Ulrich and Yumi kiss?

episode 22 routine :) hope it helps!

In which episode in Code Lyoko does Ulrich kiss Sissi?

Well, Sissi didn't kiss Ulrich, it was actually Ulrich who kissed her first. It's the one where Jeremy is stuck in the database and the four friends need to save him before it's too late. I can't remember the name of the episode.

Will Johnny Test and Sissy Blakey ever kiss?

I hope so

What is the episode of code lyoko in yumi tell ulrich she likes him?

um... they kiss twice but i say wait and see!

Has sissy ever been in lyoko?

No, Sissy never went onto Lyoko. In the episode "XANA Awakens", both parts, Sissy is part of the group until she tells Jim and her father about it. She was going to go, but she was too scared, so she was never scanned. In Ulrich's Pencak Silat classes, Yumi follows him to the factory because she is curious of what is happening. They scan Yumi and launch a return to the past so the entire mess with Sissy would be forgotten. Because Sissy was never scanned, she remembers nothing from the previous day. Since that day, the group has hated Sissy and Yumi took her place in the group. They never mentioned it to Sissy again. Lyoko Lovers 4ever <3!!!

What episode did yumi sleep back to back with ulrich?

It's the episode where Yumi's parents are fighting, and he comes to her house to cheer her up. Then they convince them to come to their play, where laughing gas attacks them. So I think it's called "Laughing Fit"?

What episode does maron and chiaki kiss?

They kiss in episode 16 and episode 33

What episode does Johnny Test and Sissy Blakely fall in love?

in episode Johnny's Saturday all over again.

In which episode do Nartuto and Sakura kiss?

They kiss in the final episode.

When do Zero and Nina from mamotte lollipop kiss?

i think its in episode 9