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in episode Johnny's Saturday all over again.

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Q: What episode does Johnny Test and Sissy Blakely fall in love?
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Will Johnny Test and Sissy Blakey ever kiss?

I hope so

Johnny test does he like sissy?

in 2 episodes. Johnny's Saturday all over again & Johnny as a caveJohnny episode. as well in the episode iJohnny, and the one where he shrinks himself down to another dimention.

Does johnny test like sissy?

yes but he's not aware of it and sissy likes johnny but hides it by bullying him

What are the release dates for Johnny Test - 2005 Johnny's 100th Episode Johnny's Next Episode 6-9?

Johnny Test - 2005 Johnny's 100th Episode Johnny's Next Episode 6-9 was released on: USA: 20 May 2013

What episode of Johnny test does Johnny become a werewolf?

it comes in episode 15

In johnny test vs super soaking who eliminated sissy johnny or the boy borg?

it was johnny.u can tell because when sissy gets hit by the blast of water johnny says "i win gotta go bye!" so if u have an obnoxtious lil bro like me just chek this

Which Johnny Test episode aired on 9-17-05?

Johnny to the Center of the Earth & Johnny X (JX1)

Where can you watch the Johnny Test episode watch Johnny's Saturday all over again?

cartoon network

Johnny test episode cancelled - Johnny Dodgeball is cancelled?

Yes. Johnny Dodgeball is cancelled. Saturday Night's alright for Johnny is replaced. Sir.

What is the episode when johnny test sneaks to the zoo and lets all the animals go to Africa?

Johnny Of The Jungle. Hope it helps!

Is there an episode in Johnny Test where Johny becomes a girl version of himself?

girl scowt cookies

When is the new episode of johnny test coming on?

You can watch johnny test onlineat (only in the United States)