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It's about as bad for your lungs as tobacco smoke is, and chronic marijuana smokers also usually have short-term memory problems (although this usually clears up once the person quits smoking).

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Q: What does smoking pot daily do to your body?
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What kind of food healthy for weed smoking man?

It doesn't matter what you eat as long as you keep smoking pot. The pot damages the brain, the lungs, the liver, and other body systems. It also removes vitamins from the body and stays in the fat cells. If you wish to be healthy get rid of the pot.

Does pot smoking cause loss of vocal range?

the intake of marijuana, as long as it is not daily, has no risks(if you dont have a condition that says otherwise)

When was wheat introduce to the US?

as soon as we started smoking pot as soon as we started smoking pot

What is considered heavy pot smoking?

smoking veryday and smoking by your self

Is it okay if you are not turned off by a guy who smokes pot?

Mam..... I am a fellow pot smoker and i have been smoking pot for 8 years....8 years to repeat that again! In my 8 years i have gone to the doctor every three months to check and see if my pot smoking has done any pernament dameage to my body and he reported no damage to the brain or body. theres your still love him?

Why is smoking pot called getting stoned?

because i was smoking pot once and got hit with a stone.

Can smoking pot cause one eye to droop?

probably, smoking pot screws up everything about you

How do you obtain tetrahydrocannibol without smoking pot?

Eat pot.

Can taking valproate semisodium and smoking pot be life threatening?

yes, smoking pot with anything is life threatening.

Is there anything bad about smoking pot?

Yes. Pot affects your body. It harms the brain, lungs, central nervous system, and can cause cancer. It is also illegal and can result in an arrest.

How does smoking pot affect Botox use?

It may begin to make you sick. Weed lowers the white blood cell count in your body and you immune gets lowered and try to eat it smoking and coughing can stress out your body

Do you lose your butt smoking pot?