What does slaves mean?

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slaves meaning

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Q: What does slaves mean?
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What did freedom mean to slaves in the south?

it mean that they free from slaves

Could slaves be mean to their masters?

No, slaves could NOT be mean to their slaves because they would get in HUGE trouble. They would probably be put to death if they where.[: Audralynne :]

What was the transportation system for slaves?

If you mean how slaves were transported to the United States, it was by ship. If you mean how slaves were "transported" to freedom from the south, that was called the "Underground Railroad."

How did slaves prove they were not runaways?

If they were slaves, then they were runaways! You probably mean How did freed blacks prove they weren't slaves.

How did the people hurt the slaves?

The slave masters wanted the people (slaves) to work work and work if they even take a short break the slaves get beat up. If the slaves are sick or worthless they KILL them. And the slave masters were mean when I say mean I mean it. The slave master tie the slaves be neck and leave them bleeding.

When applied to slaves what did the word Creole mean?

The word was used by the Portuguese to distinguish Creole slaves - that is, slaves who were born in South America as children of slaves - from slaves who were imported from Africa and who were called "African" slaves.

Where there slaves in 1942?

If you mean African-American slaves in the United States, no, there were no such slaves in 1942. Slavery ended in the 1860s in the US.

Was George Washington mean to his slaves?

No..He was very kind, trustworthy and soft - spoken to the slaves he owned. ..He was not mean , harsh nor abusive; and treated his slaves equally like members of his own family.

What does Abraham Lincoln mean to you?

the freedom of the slaves

What were slaves in sparter called?

Assuming you mean `Sparta´, the ancient Greek State, the slaves there were called Helots.

What did southerners mean by calling northern workers wage slaves?

That they were practically slaves, but got paid in a way.

What was one way plantation owners defended the idea of wining slaves?

I am not sure what you mean about "winning slaves". Slaves were bought and sold like property.

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