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Life for "house slaves" was easier for slaves working on plantations. The house slaves thought than they were better than the slaves on the plantations.

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Q: How was life different for slaves that worked in the home than slaves that worked in the fields?
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How was life for slaves who worked in the home different from life for field hands?

They are forced to work all day in the fields, even in the harsh weather.

What is a society with slaves?

Where slaves worked within the home instead of in plantations.

What chores did Roman children do at home?

They worked out in the fields when they were old enough

Is this true or false did women only work at home and thay never worked in the fields?

Women would work at home and rarely work on fields

What did male slaves wear?

This would depend upon what their job duty included. Slaves that worked inside the home would dress very nicely wearing suits. Slaves that worked outside, wore everyday clothes, such as long pants and shirts.

What did slaves sing when they were working in the fields or picking cotton?

Slaves sang while they were working in the fields to pass the time away. Usually they would sing about home or family, and sometimes a song that they would sing would be a coded message.

How did life differ for boys and girls in Athens?

Boys worked in the fields or trades or shops with their fathers. Girls worked in the home and vegetable garden with their mother.

What is a plantation for slaves?

A plantation is a farm, which produced agricultural products. It was worked by a slave labor force. It is the place where the slaves slept and ate since the plantation was also their home.

How were the lives of male and female peasants different during feudal times?

The males were usually carpenters, shoemakers, or smiths while the females worked in the fields when needed and took care of their children at home. :D

What did the ancient Greece slaves do if they worked in the house?

Ancient Greek slaves in the home would work as entertainers, cleaners, cooks, nannies, wet-nurses, workshop workers and clothes washer.

Why did Tom Robinson walk past the Ewell's home?

Because there was no other way for him to get to the fields he worked at, he said so himself during the trial.

What did Greek slaves do?

Greek slaves did the same things slaves back in the South did in the USA. Took care of fields, helped clean the house, etc. Women usually stayed at home to keep an eye on the slaves. Let's just say, they had one good punch. By the way, slaves in Ancient Greece were called "helots."

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