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Slaves sang while they were working in the fields to pass the time away. Usually they would sing about home or family, and sometimes a song that they would sing would be a coded message.

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Q: What did slaves sing when they were working in the fields or picking cotton?
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What were the worst jobs of slaves?

Working the cotton fields. Playing servant to the "White Man".

What job did slaves perform?

cooking, cleaning, picking cotton, working on farm , sewing, plantation work

Did slaves pick cotton in the rain?

are you stupid? they were slaves they where picking cotton during blizzards great grand daughter of a slave

What did slaves do when they were not picking cotton?

They were working in the house for white people and they would take care of kids cook and clean and do laundry and stuff like that.

Did women work in the cotton fields?

Yes, they did. They were slaves and considered property so they were put to work at various jobs. Slave women would often have their babies while working in the fields and then keep working.

What did slaves do becide planting?

pull cotton out of the fields

How did people separate cotton before the cotton gin?

Plantation owners had slaves picking and seperating cotton with their bare hands.

What are some disadvantages of the cotton boom?

Many slaves were needed for picking all of the cotton that was in the planters property.

What led to more slavery?

Cotton fields is what lead more slaves. The more the slaves the easy it was to work. The cotton gin

In early Texas slaves in east Texas and the gulf coastal regions worked where?

In the cotton fields and farms In the cotton fields and farms

How is cotton picked?

Cotton is currently picked by machine. They used to have slaves pick the cotton in the south by hand. You seem to have forgotton the people (both white & black) that picked cotton after the slaves & before the cotton picking machines.

Why did the demand for slaves rise after Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin?

More slaves were needed to PICK the cotton in the fields because the cotton gin more quickly took the seeds out of the cotton. The planters (plantation owners who owned more than 20 slaves) wanted more profit, so they wanted to constantly have the cotton gin working. To have this happen, there would need to be A LOT more cotton.